Friday, June 3, 2011

Gearing Up for Manassas

I usually demonstrate with a wonderful, but borrowed, set-up at the Claude Moore Market Fairs.  I took quite a bit of time early on to help build that forge, vise, and other equipment.  Unfortunately, I can't be carting those things all over for other events, so lately I have had to build, buy, or otherwise make a new set of gear for the event that starts on Friday.   At times, it's felt like we were a bit in over our head, but I remain optimistic even though it seems like there is so much yet to do!

We all have our new Civil War outfits, although the clothing has been the easiest part of the equation to pull together.  Honestly, the equipment has been the challenge.  We're getting there, though, with a day before the event.

I bought a new smaller leg vise and built a stand for it.

And, after more searching than you can imagine, I finally located a stump of the right height and width; a friend chain-sawed it into a workable form.   It only needs its "supports" for the anvil (so the anvil doesn't bounce around once I start hammering on it) and it should be ready to go.

After testing it out a couple weeks ago at Claude Moore, I am confident the new anvil will work well.  The forge is freshly painted and the coal was delivered today.  I think the blower is working and will attach to the forge, although that hasn't been really tested yet.   All the pieces are falling into place, with the sole exception of a way to get all this gear out to Manassas.  We're still working on that.  Somewhere, there's a trailer or a truck just waiting to be connected to our effort.  Certainly, everyone in our circle knows we are looking for one!

The only other glitch is that the boys have school on the first day of demonstrating, and they don't want to miss a minute of class time.  While that complicates the schedule a bit, none of us can be upset about that development.   My family might just have to show up a day late....and actually I might just need that period of quiet to put the final touches on all the new equipment and iron out the new wrinkles that have developed. 

It's never dull around here, that's for sure!

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