Saturday, June 16, 2012

An Outdoor Grilling System At Home

If you recall, I mentioned that the last Claude Moore Market Fair became the "chicken hook" grilling demonstration in our family lore.  I talked and talked about the grilling system to the two thousand and some visitors, while Jeff forged all the components.   It was truly quite a set-up, with preparation hooks/stands for the skewers, tripods and rods for over the fire, and all the accompanying hooks and chains. 

We recently received a photo of the system now set up at its new home in Arizona.  Jeff might change a few things on it in the future, but it looks great so far!

Many thanks to Ginny and Dennis for the photo! What will the July Market Fair become known for?  Jeff has a Betty lamp on his list of things to make.....we'll see if that makes the cut for the demonstrations!

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