Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Our Summer Vacation: Climbing, Hiking and Art, Too!

We spent a week at Kanuga, an Episcopal retreat center in North Carolina that offers summer guest periods.  The kids got to go to camp and also enjoyed crafts, swimming, boating....and lots of other activities.   The kids didn't get all the fun, though.

 Kanuga also offers programs for adults, so Jeff tried out all sorts of new things.  He almost get to the top of a climbing wall, wearing his ABANA tee-shirt, no less!  It's rather funny how many conversations the ABANA tee-shirt spurs...even on a climbing wall!

In addition, he discovered a love of creating baskets, thanks to local artist Joe Bruneau.  I made some baskets myself (I generally showed up to weave after Jeff created the structure out of various vines) but I spent most of my time hiking.  

We had lots of fun and now are ready for the next adventure..... It looks like we'll be demo'ing at the Virginia Scottish Games over Labor Day Weekend.  Details are still being sorted out, but we'll keep you posted!

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