Monday, May 25, 2015

Our Demo at the Chestertown Tea Party Festival

We had the most fun at the Chestertown Tea Party Festival on Saturday!  Jeff demo'd blacksmithing in the Colonial Village (complete with the family-friendly anvil, which uses aluminum that will bend while being worked cold).  The kids and I helped out there, but also enjoyed the amazing parade, the good food, talented performers, and the tea party reenactment from when "in response to British Parliament’s closing of the port of Boston, the citizens of Chestertown met in May of 1774 and set forth “Resolves” forbidding importing, selling, or consuming tea in Chestertown. According to local legend, residents then gathered at the town center, marched down High Street to the brigantine Geddes, which was anchored in the Chester River, and tossed her cargo of tea overboard" (as stated on the event's site).   Meanwhile, Jeff had a great time visiting with our guests, teaching and doing what he loves to do.   Here are some photos from the day... 


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