Friday, July 10, 2009

The Forge -- Step 1

I have tried lots of hobbies over the years, but blacksmithing is one that has "stuck".  Up to now, I have been traveling once a week to the BGOP forge to spend a couple of hours there, but I'd like to do more.  I have had lots of dreams for a blacksmithing forge out in the country, but those plans fell through for the time being. I tried to volunteer at another local forge and that didn't work out either, so we had to find another option.

What's left?  The back patio.  

Yep -- we're going to move some landscaping and install a new shed right in the back corner of our lot.   My wife says I've done my normal exhaustive research and ordered a forge, welder, vise, anvil, and various other tools.  She checked the neighborhood regs, norms and customs and It doesn't appear that there are any rules about blacksmithing in suburbia (not yet, anyways).  We are a bit worried about the noise level but that's hard to discuss (or solve) when we don't yet know if it's actually going to be a problem, so we are pressing ahead and will solve any problems that come up later. 


Yesterday, we tore down the grill that was in the way. We've been discussing this for years (ever since we moved here), and the time had finally come. It was quite exciting for the boys, although it was tricky to get them to wear whatever eye protection we could find.  Actually, I enjoyed it, too -- it was a fun break between conference calls!

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