Monday, June 2, 2014

Amazing Morning Light at Huntley Meadows

Jeff has been away at a blacksmithing class this weekend, so the boys and I have kept very busy, starting with a morning walk at one of our favorite places, Huntley Meadows.   Huntley Meadows is an amazing wetlands in the middle of suburbia and is one of the places I rarely (if ever!), go without my camera.  It is always different.  We say that if you don't see something amazing at a walk there, it is because you haven't been looking.

On this trip, we got up close to a Canada Goose and saved some toadlets that were trying to cross a gravel path.  I had pretty much drug the boys out of the house early because I didn't want to miss the light. On the downside, the turtles and snakes weren't out much, but on the plus side, there was great light!:


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