Thursday, June 12, 2014

Forging a Brand -- A Unique Wedding Present

Jeff was recently honored to be asked to make a unique wedding gift -- a brand of the happy couple's initials.  If you come to many of our demos, you might hear that Jeff is not enamored with making 20 of an item to stock up inventory, but he LOVES new projects that allow him to learn and expand his blacksmithing knowledge.  This was such a project.  Jeff tried a variety of ways to forge this piece and ended up chatting with a friend and learning from his expertise.  There are always new things to learn! This particular project has led Jeff to buy a new welding set, so he is very happy to have taken on the job!  He is more than ready for the next branding iron he is asked to make!  :-)

The final product was amazing, and we wish the couple much joy in their marriage! We are very happy to have been a part of their celebration.

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