Saturday, May 15, 2010

Colonial Farm Market Fair: Day 1

My very talented wife setup this table with my pieces for the Fair. 

I really enjoy explaining to the guests what I just made and how it all works.  The people were great and sometimes the conversation is more enjoyable that making the piece itself!

Sometimes the crowd was smaller than at other times:

I was really fortunate this time to have Kelly Smyth to work with this time.  Kelly has an amazing background and had been a professional smith for more than 30 years, so I learned some amazing things from her.  One of the best things was her patient lessons on the ins and outs of making mortis and tenon joins.  I really got an immersion in those this weekend and it was great to spend time with Kelly. 

I really look forward to working with her again in July at the next Market Fair!

I forgot my hardy cutoff on the first day, so this photo shows me using a handheld one, which is significantly harder than the hardy version!

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