Thursday, March 24, 2011

Building a New Forge at Claude Moore

Jeff has been working to build a new forge at Claude Moore Colonial Farm, where he blacksmiths during their Market Fairs three times a year.  The folks at Colonial Williamsburg and Mt. Vernon have been extremely helpful, and we headed out to the farm this weekend to take some measurements and get ready to place an order for bricks. 

First, though, the guys had to build a door to the tobacco-drying shed. 

And, when we opened the door to the the building where the forge will be located, we discovered that it was being used for storage. 

While Jeff and his friend Tim struggled to manuever through the various piles of stuff, the kids decided to take full advantage of the abscence of any other kids at the games' area.  

In the end, Jeff and his friend Tim managed to get their measurements and the brick order will be placed any day now.  Who knows?  Maybe Jeff will be smithing in a new forge by the next Market Fair in May?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Claude Moore Colonial Farm Market Fair

The Market Fair is upon us again and we are looking forward to it!  Hopefully you can join us up there for the event on May 21 and 22.  As usual, the chicken and suasages are outstanding and there will be lots of colonial craftspeople and many fun games and activities for folks of all ages.

And, don't forget to print the 50% off coupon from the website to save on your gate tickets!

Hope to see you there!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

In the Forge: Completed Coffee Table

My latest project is a coffee table, which is still missing its glass on top and glass shelf since the client is providing those items.  The client provided the iron gate, which is forming the top of the table, and I made the base by hammering the legs and welding it all together.

After that, I sent it to be sandblasted and powder-coated to match the grill and I am very pleased with the results!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Three Legged Staff

Below is a picture of the surveyor's tripod buily by my friend and fellow re-enactor Paul Parish.  Paul plays a colonial era surveyor at various events and recently found a period compass that will grace this stand.

BFIW provided the metal tips and we are pleased to have played a small part in this interesting project.  Look for Paul and his compass at the various Colonial events in the DC metro area!