Thursday, March 24, 2011

Building a New Forge at Claude Moore

Jeff has been working to build a new forge at Claude Moore Colonial Farm, where he blacksmiths during their Market Fairs three times a year.  The folks at Colonial Williamsburg and Mt. Vernon have been extremely helpful, and we headed out to the farm this weekend to take some measurements and get ready to place an order for bricks. 

First, though, the guys had to build a door to the tobacco-drying shed. 

And, when we opened the door to the the building where the forge will be located, we discovered that it was being used for storage. 

While Jeff and his friend Tim struggled to manuever through the various piles of stuff, the kids decided to take full advantage of the abscence of any other kids at the games' area.  

In the end, Jeff and his friend Tim managed to get their measurements and the brick order will be placed any day now.  Who knows?  Maybe Jeff will be smithing in a new forge by the next Market Fair in May?

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