Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Inspiration in the Garden

Inspiration for photography is much easier for me to "find" in the spring, as soon as the first iris appear.

I have more difficulty in the colder months, although I'm trying to see the beauty in all the seasons.  Still, though, spring is a magical time for me, especially as the garden starts to perform.

Sometimes, the performance is unplanned (actually, a lot of my gardening is unplanned, or doesn't quite follow the plan I think I've made!).  I believe these flower seeds were planted last year & didn't germinate.  Our winter was quite mild and they popped up this year; unfortuantly, I don't know what they are, although I love the color, especially interpresed with the eggplant's leaves.  Any ideas?

Beauty in a carrot, gone to seed:

Raindrops on the garlic:

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