Saturday, November 3, 2012

November Wonders

I went for a walk today at Huntley Meadows, a local wetlands park.  I was feeling a bit under a deadline, since their local photography competition has already started and I didn't have much to contribute.  A long supporter of the park, I try to participate in the annual contest, so I wanted to get out to the boardwalk and take some photos.  But, it seemed that nothing was working....the kids were tired and cranky due to an early-morning swim meet and the light was all wrong since I'd hoped for a lovely autumnal warmth and ended up with a cloudy, Novemberish afternoon.

But, it is what it is....and much of art is all about faith, anyways....  so I headed out and prayed for the best. 

And, I discovered the reflections, cattails, and seed pods.....


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