Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Field Trip to the U.S. Capitol

The other day, I had the opportunity to visit the U.S. Capitol through one of my jobs as an assistant teacher for a group of 6-9 year-old children.  We have a lot of fun together, and this field trip was no exception. My focus was much more on keeping track of the children than photography opportunities, so I didn't even take my good camera equipment.  Instead, I wore sensible shoes and had my emergency contact list at the ready.

Plus, our family still jokes about the time I toured the British Parliament many years ago and had a buckeye in my pocket for some odd, unknown reason -- security viewed the nut as a threat and removed it!  I've learned my lesson and am rather cautious about taking anything extraneous on these types of trips!

But, I couldn't help myself from taking a few photos with my phone.  The lines and lighting were amazing in places.....

And, the allure of history was too much to avoid like the location of Abraham Lincoln's desk or George Washington's portrait painted on the dome mural.

Next time, I just might take the better equipment!

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