Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Creativity with Light - National Geographic Photography Seminar

I had the privilege to spend this past Sunday at a photography seminar at National Geographic's headquarters in D.C.  Nevada Wier and Jay Dickman presented some amazing material on using light to create magical photographs.  I was inspired and overwhelmed, probably the sign of a good workshop!

I have tons of notes, of course, but the one page that sums up my experience is headed: "Things to Figure Out" and includes infrared photography (what Nevada is doing with infrared is amazing -- I would love to convert an older DSLR and try this out -- please let me know if you have a DSLR available!), shooting in RAW versus JPG (so far, I think JPG makes more sense for me), mirrorless cameras (I think it probably makes sense to wait a bit for this, but the light-weight systems seem great -- Olympus was getting rave reviews at the seminar for their mirrorless cameras), using flash to pop color in nature photography, and much more.  The big items on the list are more for research than anything I'll do in the near future, but maybe a Nikon wide-angle lens or the Composer lens from Lensbaby could be manageable?

I've been wanting to try some new things creatively this year....maybe this is a start.  And, even if I don't get any new lenses or gear, just thinking in these ways will spark something....

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