Monday, November 4, 2013

Demo at Peirce Mill Heritage Day

We recently demo’d at the Peirce Mill Heritage Day and had a nice time visiting with folks at this small, but lovely, event.  The mill operated a few times during our demo and other people demonstrated various crafts.


We focused on making nails and a few hooks during our time at the festival.  We were blessed to spend some quality time with visitors, which is always our goal — teaching and making connections is our focus.  

At one point, a young boy who had been watching and watching….and came back to watch some more, said to me, “You mean, you’re married to him? (gesturing to Jeff at the anvil).  I said that I was.  ”That’s so cool!!!” he replied.  Jeff chimed in that he totally agreed.  It was a priceless moment.  

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