Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Forging a Piece for a Cradle and Community, Too!

About a month or so ago, we were contacted by someone who had found us on the Internet.  He had a new baby and wanted a piece forged for the baby’s cradle.  His grandfather had forged the original pieces and one was in need of replacement.  We have young kids and can easily recall those sleep-deprived first months, so Jeff got right on this request.

When Jeff reached out via email to discuss shipping the finished piece, the address that we received surprised us.  Jeff asked me if it sounded familiar…and it did…it was about 3 miles down the road.  That’s pretty incredible!  But, then, the address seemed even more familiar when the man gave us his last name for the shipping….

It turned out that this young family with a new baby was a family that we’d taken a meal to through our church’s food ministry just the week before!  We’d never met them before but our church has a wonderful ministry of providing meals to folks who could use a break so we’d signed up and Jeff had delivered supper.   He’d dropped off the food to the family….having no idea at all that he was also chatting with the husband via email about ironwork.  It was a funny, wonderful coincidence.   

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