Monday, April 14, 2014

Jeff in the Forge Preparing for the 14th Fairfax Civil War Day

Jeff likes to feature a project every demo season.  This past fall, he demonstrated leaf hooks.  The leaf hooks were great because Jeff’s version of these hooks showed many basic blacksmithing skills in a quickly-moving project so many people could see those techniques (i.e. taper, twist, punch, etc…) within a 15- 20 minute time frame.  The hooks were perfect.  

With our first demo coming up on April 26th at the 14th Fairfax Civil War Day at Historic Blenheim (I saw an advertisement for the event when I flipped through the Weekend section of the Washington Post the other day!), Jeff is thinking through what he’d like to feature this spring.  He was toying with the heart he made in February so he went out to the forge to try various methods of making them. 

He’d hoped to be able to fashion them around the horn of the anvil, but wasn’t pleased with how that worked.  So, you still have time to vote on various projects you’d like to see made!  

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