Saturday, June 14, 2014

Demo'ing at Raiders and Invaders in Leonardtown

We had a lot of fun demo'ing at the Raiders and Invaders festival in Leonardtown, Maryland, this past weekend.  This was our first 1812 demo of the season and it was a great start!

 It was a lot of fun to hear "The British are coming!!!" throughout the day and see the various theatrical performances.  The festival was laid out over most of the downtown area, including all the way to the wharf, so there was something to see everywhere you looked.

The people who came to the event were super friendly and we enjoyed getting to know them.  It was also wonderful to look up and see one of Jeff's students in the audience -- if he'd had his costume, we'd have loved to have him work with us for the day.

 We demo'd at the edge of town, greeting most of the visitor to the fair.  Because our friend Vince was forging with us for the day, we were able to have 2 anvils going all the time, along with the "kid-friendly" anvil (with aluminum that doesn't need to be heated to bend).

 As our 1st 1812 demo of our summer season, I got to try out my Regency-style costume for the year and realized that I desperately need a spencer and a few other additions to my outfit!   I was very sun-burnt by the end of the day (despite sunscreen) and have a new understanding of the Regency-style dresses.  Walking down the street in the afternoon on a break while Jeff continued to forge, I heard a little boy describe me as a "funny princess" to his mother-- I had thought it was because of my long dress, sunglasses and camera, but it might have had more to do with my red back in the long dress!

What a fun day!  Many thanks to the people of Leonardtown and the organizers of Raiders and Invaders!

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