Saturday, September 27, 2014

Learning New Things on a Day "Off"

We had a rare break in our demo schedule today and ended up at a place far-removed from blacksmithing or photography (as you can see, I didn't even have my primary cameras with me -- just my phone!), or even "living history" as it is usually defined.   While we love what we do, we also thoroughly enjoyed the Greenbelt Rhythm and Drum Festival.  Sometimes, it is wonderful to get immersed into something new and different.  I am surprised that Jeff hasn't said he needs his own drum, yet!  Our younger son has announced his intention to get a new drum -- maybe Jeff plans to borrow it!

The Miyako Taiko Drummers were amazing: 

Katy Gaugan is wonderfully gifted at facilitating drum circles, among her other talents.  We are grateful to her for letting us know about the festival.

And, we totally enjoyed the New Deal Cafe where we learned about zahtars and ate very well!  I need to learn how to make these!  

Finally, I will be continuing the learning trend at a paper marbling class next week.  It's been suggested that I demo this craft alongside Jeff when he blacksmiths.  It definitely fits into the appropriate historical periods, so we'll see!

We are back on our demo schedule next weekend, so please visit us at the Brunswick Railroad Days.  We'd love to see you!

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