Thursday, May 28, 2015

Our Teaching Demo at Burgundy Farm Country Day School

We had a fabulous time teaching at Burgundy Farm Country Day School the other day.  It's amazing how blacksmithing ties into so much of the children's curriculum!

We started out a very hot day in colonial costumes, teaching colonial history and blacksmithing to the 4th and 5th graders.  They have been focusing on colonial history this semester.  Jeff forged a rooker and a fork to take with them on their colonial camping trip (they dress in colonial-style costumes, sleep outside, and live out what they've been studying, including cooking outdoors using the tools Jeff made!).

Then, we switched to art classes, where we discussed sculpture and organic/geometric forms and Jeff forged leaves.  These students came with their own art materials and created their own art while Jeff forged.  We were amazed at what they created.

The first graders were holding their Farm Day as a culmination of their studies, so we taught them about how blacksmithing is critical to farming operations, and Jeff forged a hoof pick for them, followed by various hooks and nails.  These students got the chance to try their own "forging" with cold aluminum and a kid-friendly anvil, hammer and tongs.  Many thanks to their assistant teacher and our friend, Diane, for helping them with their forging!

And, of course, we tied science into everything!

It was a wonderful day.

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