Thursday, June 18, 2015

Repairing a Spinning Wheel at Benjamin Banneker's Historical Park

Jeff loves to demo because he loves to teach and he loves projects that challenge his engineering skills.  He is definitely NOT someone who makes 100 of something.  He doesn't make 100 of anything without a good reason!  Instead, he really enjoys the challenge to make something new, and especially when that project helps someone else.  At the Benjamin Banneker Colonial Festival  this past Sunday, a guest needed help fixing a piece on her spinning wheel and she'd even brought the wheel along for Jeff to look at!  The minute she said she had the wheel with her, I knew we'd be solving her problem.  Of course, Jeff  became totally engrossed in the project, and had a very good time helping forge a piece that solved the problem.  Better spinners than I can probably name the piece....

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