Monday, February 22, 2016

Jeff Presents at the Upcoming ABANA Conference

Jeff is passionate about teaching youth so he is very happy to be co-leading the Youth Teaching Tent at the upcoming ABANA conference in Salt Lake City in July.

Here is the conference description: "We realize the youth are the future and have a thirst for trying new things. This tent will offer forging and more! This will offer a fun intro to various crafts including leather working and enameling.

Jay Burnham-Kidwell and Jeff Dunkelburger will lead the children's (of all ages) education program. Jay and Jeff have extensive experience in smithing and teaching. Their teaching station will introduce young people to blacksmithing using demonstrations, discussions of history and samples of smith made objects. There will be lots of interaction between Jay, Jeff and the children while they learn about tools, materials, history and a bit of humor!  
Demonstrations will teach how steel and other materials can be shaped by hammer. Following the demonstrations there will be the opportunity for hands-on forging experience to experience what smiths do at the forge." 

Jeff can't wait!

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