Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Forge - Working on the Anvil Stand

Progress continues on the anvil stand.  To hear my my wife talk about it, it's quite a rite of passage for a fledgling blacksmith. You can't simply go out and buy an anvil stand for a home shop at your nearest Home Depot.  The gist is that you need to build a stand (at the proper height for your build) to hold the anvil.  And, you need to construct it in a way not only to keep the anvil from moving, but also to decrease its ringing.  It's not necessarily an easy thing to do.

Luckily, we have a friend, Steve, who has been through all this before and has a beautiful design for a stand.   I have steadily been working through Steve's instructions, building the box, then cutting out the rubber and metal pieces for the anvil to rest on, and finally putting in support posts for the anvil to rest on and attaching those posts to the box.

Pretty much everthing we do, we do as a family, so the boys helped fill the box with sand.  Steve brought his truck (fully equipped with his forge, anvil, grinders, etc...) over this afternoon, and he and I worked on putting the anvil on the stand (the anvil weighs 335 pounds, so this itself is no small feat!) and then constructing metal bands to tie the anvil down to the stand.

We made progress. The bands are resting on top of the anvil, waiting for their next step in the process, and the anvil is on top of the stand. This is an awesome accomplishment!

Next time Steve and I get some free time, we'll work on tying the anvil and stand together with the bands and various other tasks.  Progress!

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