Friday, October 2, 2009

Anvil Hardness Testing

I found some interesting information online today about hardness testing.  I am posting this here for my own purposes, so please don't question me on the authenticity or veracity of these claims.  I have not verified the content.

Testing an anvil top for hardness - two popular methods:

1 - Drop a 1" steel ball from 10" and record rebound on several areas of the top - Measured from the bottom of the ball to the bottom of the ball at the peak of the first bounce at  center of anvil over waist
    --- Anything below 40% is generally junk and some ASO's test as low as 10%
    --- 50%  (5")  is OK but a relatively soft anvil
    --- 70%  (7")  is an average good anvil
    --- 80%  (8")  and up are top quality anvils.

2 - Hit the top plate moderately hard with the ball end of a heavy ballpeen hammer.  Dimpling indicates a top too soft to stand up to significant usage.

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