Thursday, February 17, 2011

Blacksmiths, Beekeepers and Tractors Go Well Together

My good friend Michael and I took a day trip to visit famed blacksmith Nol Putnam recently.  Nol is a great guy to hang out with and a wealth of wisdom about blacksmithing.  It is a great pleasure to spend time with him.

Even though we had fun together, we actually did have a purpose (hard to believe, I know!) -- to pick up some huge stumps that are very good for anvil stands because of the rebound they provide.  When we heard about them, we couldn't pass them up.  Add in Nol's tractor that they used to load the stumps into Michael's truck, and we were some happy guys..... 

The plan from here is that Michael (who is a beekeeper on top of his day job and is turning into a blacksmith, as well) is going to saw the stumps down to make two properly-sized anvil stands.  Or, something like that.

My wife says it's a good thing Mike and I don't live closer together.  Can you imagine the "trouble" we would get into?!  :-)

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