Friday, February 11, 2011

Tips for an 18th Century Surveyor's Tripod

Here is a picture of some tripod tips I had a friend make for a customer who is an 18th century re-enactor friend.  He is very skilled in his role as a revolutionary era surveyor and I was happy to participate in his project to rebuild the tripod that will support his period compass.

These tips are about 3" long and 3/4" round(ish).  Notice the ends are actually round but more like square with rounded corners, but they will do the trip to support the tripod.

Also in the shot is the hanger bolts that will be used to tap the tips so they can be threaded into the bottom of the tripod legs.  They have half machine thread, and half wood screw thread.

Definitely a nice team effort to solve an interesting problem!

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