Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Anderson Forge Opening at Colonial Williamsburg

We spent the first weekend of the kids' Spring Break at Colonial Williamsburg  - we drove down just to be there for the opening of the new blacksmith's shop.  

After years of research and hard work, it was a day to celebrate.  And, we weren't the only folks who had traveled just for the occasion -- it was like a convention of blacksmiths.  The kids got to meet Peter Ross, the blacksmith on one of their favorite movies & Jeff got to ask him a few questions about a pair of andirons he has been working on.  Jeff also got to say "hi" to a bunch of other folks.....and we made some wonderful new friends, as well. 

Visiting Colonial Williamsburg is a bit different for us than for most people, we've discovered.  At one point, my son mumbled something about "too many tourists."  He was conveniently forgetting his "tourist" mug for drinks -- our boys' primary goal for the visit was to consume as much root beer as possible, since they don't get such "treats" at home!

Except for the soda consumption on the boys' part, our visits are more about catching up with friends and exchanging ideas for new projects.  Caitlin even got a chance to discuss colonial crops with the head gardener and left with some salsify seeds to try out, as well as some broom corn seeds because our son would like to make a broom similar to the one he's read about in the Ox Cart Man.  

In the midst of all the visiting, the boys climbed on their favorite tree, admired the lambs, and checked out a nearby state park as part of the Trail Quest program. 

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