Sunday, August 19, 2012

Our Summer Vacation: History on the Way There

It took us a couple of days to reach our vacation destination, partly because it was 9 or so hours away, and partly because we stopped at two historical museums and various state parks on the way.   At the Frontier Culture Museum, we were happy to run into a blacksmith that we had previously gotten to know at Colonial Williamsburg. We were walking into the Irish forge and the head blacksmith was leaving for lunch.  Jeff said, "Chris???"   The blacksmithing world is small, indeed!

And, then, at the Settlers Museum of Southwest Virginia, we were excited to continue the learning that we had started at the Frontier Culture Museum....and we were especially happy to see the same type of rivet forge that we use for our travelling displays. It was a great reinforcement that our historical statements are correct for that type of forge and blower! 

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