Thursday, August 2, 2012

Out of My Comfort Zone with the Angel Gabriel

I rather think it's good to be trying something new.  Good....but not necessarily comfortable.  I'm not a painter, by any means, yet I'm taking an icon-writing class at church on Sundays.  This year, we had a choice as to which icon we'd paint -- the Angel Michael or the Angel Gabriel.  I chose Gabriel.

As I watch people who have more experience with the paintbrush, I've seen just how NOT comfortable I am.  I don't know how to "shadow" or even use the brush in a way that really works.

But, it's good to try something new.  As my yoga teacher says, "Fear the familiar".   He laughs after he says that sentence, but it's a true statement.  The familiar is good, but we also need to branch out and experience new things.  I'm learning a lot, if only about how I'm not so comfortable with a paintbrush and how grateful I am for teachers who can correct errors, after I "lost" the Angel Gabriel's ear and part of his mouth in the class session after I snapped this photo.  It also helps to have a sense of humor when trying out new creative endeavors!

Plus, the art of icon writing is fascinating.  And, the 3 hours I'm spending in class on Sundays are totally the most peaceful time of my week.

This photo was taken mid-class.  By next week, the Angel Gabriel should be nearing completion.

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