Monday, July 21, 2014

Claude Moore Colonial Farm's July Market Fair: Day 1 -- Cooking Trivets, Turkeys, Fencing (and Much More)!

As always, we had a great time at Claude Moore Colonial Farm's Market Fair.  We demo for all their Market Fairs (the 3rd weekends in May, July, and October) and it is such fun to see all our friends and teach the many visitors, who often become our friends, too!   Here are some scenes from the first day of the fair:

Jeff decided that Day 1 of the Fair would be spent making cooking trivets...among all the other projects that he and Vince picked up along the way (we often forge custom pieces for folks who visit the fair).   I am eager to have a cooking trivet for outdoor or hearth cooking and Jeff hadn't made one of these trivets in years:


Anyone who has come to the fairs can hear the cry, "Bread...Bread for Sale" for days afterward!:

I would LOVE to remember what Jeff was discussing in these photos!: 

 Not only did we have two smiths working on projects, but we also brought along our kid-friendly anvil with smaller-sized tongs and hammer, and aluminium, which doesn't have to be heated in order to bend.  It's always very popular:


Love the camera with the historical costumes. It's the way I pretty much look at most of these fairs!:

Photos from Day 2 to come....

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