Friday, July 18, 2014

Claude Moore's Colonial Market Fair is THIS Weekend!

As I went for a run around the neighborhood this morning, it suddenly dawned on me after a few minutes that I'd been thinking about tent placement and where to position the forge to accommodate three blacksmiths (Jeff and 2 students -- I'm thinking that a triangle works best with the forge in the center).

This can only mean one thing....we have a demo coming up!  And, also, that I run best when I don't think about it at all -- if I think about running, I generally want to quit.  (It's interesting -- practicing yoga makes me more creative and intuitive, and running makes me think about my "to do" list -- both have benefits!)  But, Claude Moore's Colonial Market Fair is indeed this weekend, and it'd be great if you come out to be a part of the fun.


Please note -- these photos are from the May Colonial Fair at Claude Moore -- Every fair is different!

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