Friday, October 12, 2012

An October Afternoon in the Garden and at AHS

Once I returned home from another fun-filled work session at Mount Vernon (I'm having so much fun with this job!), the boys and I took advantage of a day off of school to head out to the garden.  With colder temperatures in the forecast, we cleaned up a few tomato plants and brought the green ones inside to ripen. We left about half of the plants in the garden, though, since I don't think the frost is actually going to reach our area.  Check out the size of the cushaw squash -- great pies are on the fall and winter menu.  My younger son is totally puzzled as to why cushaw squash make great "pumpkin" pies when they aren't a pumpkin!

We then went went to visit our friend, Miss Jane, at the American Horticultural Society.   Jane (who is in charge of volunteer opportunities and the gift shop) and her husband Tom (director of AHS) are some of the best things about AHS.  It's a great place.  You've got to love a place so welcoming to everyone -- we really enjoy volunteering there as a family.  


It was a wonderful afternoon.

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