Saturday, October 6, 2012

Tabling the Broom Corn

In these unsettled economic times, I have taken on more and more part-time jobs (as has Jeff). It's a running joke in our household about how many jobs we are currently holding. Some jobs, though, have immediate the living history arena.

I've taken on a "on-call, part-time" interpreter position at the Mount Vernon Estate, which is wonderful and a lot of fun. It's great to work with people who share so many of the same interests.  One day, when I stopped in to meet someone, I happened to notice the broom near where she was working.....and then noticed that it to be made out of broom corn, which I am currently growing but did not know how to get from the garden bed into a broom.   And so I asked.

Before many minutes had passed, we'd had a great conversation that included the information that I should "table" my broom corn. Turns our, tabling is fine and easy when you have plenty, but we don't, so we tabled as best as we could. We're already dreaming about making our first home-made broom....after, of course, we research those next steps!  We might not have enough broom corn to actually make a broom, but we'll give it a good try.  If you, by any chance, know what we should do, please feel free to let us know.

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