Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Stratford Hall in the News

Jeff might look like another dad on skis watching his young son ride up the carpet to take another run down the hill (I was at the bottom of the hill, helping our son back onto the carpet!)...but Jeff was also thinking about his upcoming blacksmithing demos. A more appropriate photo should have shown Jeff with his phone out! We have a lot of events and classes planned (Tool-making starts this Sunday afternoon, if you are interested), but the event on our mind today is a demo scheduled for May 24-25 at Stratford Hall, home of the Lees and birthplace of Robert E. Lee. 

We took the above photo in May, when we visited Stratford Hall to discuss the demo.  It takes time and energy to put together a great demo, especially one that will probably include colonial and farrier blacksmithing demonstrations as well as show how to transform iron ore into a bloom of iron that will then be worked into an ax   In the blacksmithing world, this is super cool stuff and not done by many should be a very interesting event.  It is also very appropriate to do this demo at Stratford Hall since all components of the demo could have been done on the property -- as I recall, iron ore is prevalent on the beach there.  

Although Jeff already had phone calls lined up this week to discuss the demo at Stratford Hall, the New York Times just happened to run a feature article on Stratford Hall and the area.  It really is a fascinating place and the article is well-written.  We've eaten at Angelo's Pizza (it really is good!) and have hunted for shark's teeth (and not found any).....all things the article mentioned.   Too bad the article didn't know about our blacksmithing event!

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