Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tool-Making Class Starting January 27

This weekend (January 27) we are starting a 4-week tools class where we will be making different chisels, punches and drifts after we complete a detailed tapering exercise.  We hold these classes from 12-3 on Sunday afternoons, which is hopefully an easier time for people than evenings or during the week.

As the textbook for the class, we are using Mark Aspery's excellent book Skills of a Blacksmith, Vol 1, Mastering the Fundamentals of Blacksmithing which has been foundational in my own learning.  

In terms of class topics, we will start with with a deep dive into tapering, which is an essential skill for any blacksmith to master.  Following the well-known SOR (square octagon round) methodology, we will make square tapers, octagon tapers, round tapers and finally diamond tapers as well.  Making a 3" long symmetrical taper is a challenge for anyone, so it will be fun way to build these important skills.

In the second class, we will move on to the tools portion of the class, which will take the remaining 3 weeks.  We will be making a hot-cut chisel, both round and slot punches, as well as a drift and a small cold cut chisel (if we have time).  These tools will all be made with 4140 tool steel so they will form the basis for a nice tool set that will serve these students long into their blacksmithing careers.

I think this will be an excellent class for someone who wants to learn a lot of solid skills in a short time in a nice environment that focuses on retention of the information and having a good time doing it.

Please let us know if you are interested in attending!

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