Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Beaver Was Out!

The other day, I had a free hour while the rest of the family took the puppy to dog training class, so I headed out to Huntley Meadows.  We always say that there is something different to see on a nature walk...even one as short as 20 minutes as it was in this case, and it's always true, but sometimes it's easier than others!  This was one of the easy times because a beaver was out and about in the day.

As far as I understand it, beavers are nocturnal, but this one was either confused, daring...or fed up with the whole system.  He wasn't alone -- there was also a turtle out that should have been dug into the mud.  The temperatures were in the bitter degrees -- it was so cold on the boardwalk that I would have rushed home if it weren't for the fact that it was "free time" and I needed to make the most of it!.

I can't pretend to know anything more, but I did take a few photos. While they are not my usual style and I didn't have the equipment to turn the moment into anything photographically great (and it was freezing, too!), it was a special few minutes just to spend time with an animal that I'd never gotten to see up close before.   I also took a few other photos, as well....

And, then, I took the kids and Jeff back the next day, just in case the beaver was still out..... and it was!

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