Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Caitlin's Photos are Available on Our Site

Thanks to some encouragement from our friends (Thanks, Jan and Scott!), we have updated our Blackforest ArtWorks site to include a store (click on “Store” on the left-hand side of our home page).  

At the moment, we are offering 4x6 notecards of my photography.  The cards have a full color photograph on the front and are blank on the inside.  We’ve packaged them as 6 cards (all the same photograph) with 7 envelopes (because I always mess up the address!).  If you don’t see a photo you’ve been admiring, please let us know.  I personally am interested in using the photo below as a note card!  Jeff is requesting blacksmithing cards in the future, too, so everyone is welcome to make suggestions….. 

In addition, most of my photographs are available as prints.  The store doesn’t offer that option, as of yet, but I’d be glad to accommodate your requests.  Speaking of that, if you know that you’ll be seeing us at a demo, we’d be glad to deliver the cards/prints in person, so please feel free to email us and we’ll arrange it. 

You might notice that the store does not include Jeff’s ironwork, as we have been so busy with demos that our inventory is rather low and we don’t want to list items that aren’t readily available.  However, if you have items in mind that you would like him to make for you, please let us know.  He’d be glad to help out.  In addition, we’ll post ironwork in the future.  

Thank you!

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