Friday, October 4, 2013

"The Friendly Forge" at Jefferson Patterson Park's 1812 Festival

Last Saturday, we enjoyed being part of an 1812 Festival and Military Reenactment at the beautiful Jefferson Patterson Park in Maryland.   As usual, we were demonstrating the art of blacksmithing and had a great time doing so. We knew we were doing something right when a visitor called us the “Friendly Forge”!  

We had one of Jeff’s blacksmithing students working with us and they had lots of fun together — plus, they made some beautiful pieces in between their jokes!  

This demo was interesting because we usually demo in either modern or colonial clothing, although the interpretation for blacksmithing is not terribly different for any of these time periods, including the 1812 period.  

The clothing (particularly the women’s clothing) is quite different, though!  When my boys saw me in a dress appropriate to the 1812 time period, they were rather scandalized because it showed so much more skin around the neckline than my colonial outfits….never mind that they are used to me in modern clothes!  

 All in all, lots of fun on a gorgeous Saturday…. 

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