Friday, June 8, 2012

Bottle Tree

One of the earliest pieces Jeff made was a bottle tree.  Jeff was taking a welding class and we'd just had the pleasure of meeting Felder Rushing at a gardening conference.  We really appreciate Felder's approach to slow gardening and his sense of humor.  Felder also has a love of bottle trees, which we'd never heard of before meeting him.  When Jeff needed a project to try out his newly-learned welding skills on, I asked for a bottle tree.

Jeff made what we lovingly call a "bottle bush" because it's rather short.  I emailed Felder a picture of it, and he responded that "hubby did good!"   I agree. 

Since we installed our bottle tree/bush in our garden a few years ago, we've noticed a few more bottle trees pop up in the neighborhood.  Currently, our bottle tree is in a garden bed surrounded by apple trees, blueberries and cranberries; just yesterday, someone walked by and admired it.   Maybe Jeff should make an even bigger one this summer for the side yard!

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