Saturday, June 2, 2012

Turning Leaves into Hooks

One of the primary reasons we demonstrate blacksmithing is because we care about teaching others about the art.   It's wonderful to be able to interact with people, show them how it all works, and answer their questions.  Usually, we get to discuss where George Washington got his iron, the process of forging, the various types of forges, and other interesting topics. 

We also often get questions about various pieces we have on display.  I happen to absolutely love some of the organic leaves that Jeff makes, with a stem that twists a bit under the leaf.   Ever leaf is different and they are beautiful pieces of art.  But, in the midst of other pieces that have a basic housekeeping purpose like trivets or candlesticks (although those pieces are also works of art), we often get questions about what the leaves "do."   

After a weekend of fielding such questions, Jeff decided to turn some of those leaves into hooks with leaves, just for fun.   Here are how a few of them turned out:

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