Monday, June 18, 2012

Pretty in Pink

The other day, I was placing burlap bags on various parts of the garden as a weed-management technique.....there's nothing glamorous or beautiful about the job, but it certainly works well to control weeds.....when I suddenly glimpsed a vibrant pink color I'd never noticed before in the garden.  Some plant (if you know its name, please let me know!) from a flower arrangement years ago decided to bloom this year.   The color and lines just stopped me in my tracks -- they were so amazing and beautiful and I felt blessed to have noticed them.  I dropped the burlap and grabbed the camera:

Edited to add:  Many thanks to Mimi, my mother-in-law, who thinks that this is a Calla Lilly.  I'm not surprised she was able to identify the flower.  In fact, I think she probably gave us the flower arrangement that had the lilly in it, in the first place many years ago!  Thanks again!

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