Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Garden in Early Summer

A snapshot of our kitchen garden from the kids' tree house.

Our garden is going quite well this year, although I have seen recent evidence of mildew on the tomatoes which is rather concerning.  We've also gotten a LOT of volunteer plants, so we have a tomato jungle in various beds (the mildew is probably due to the crowded conditions where the volunteers popped up and I didn't remove them quickly enough), squash among the broccoli, and potatoes everywhere we missed them in last year's harvest. 

The potatoes are flowering and we're watching the garlic carefully as it seems to be getting ready to harvest earlier than usual. 

We've made our first batch of pesto from the basil, enjoyed early harvests of broccoli, chard, lettuce and spinach, and frozen all the peas for use this winter.  Oh, and the boys have already eaten the few strawberries that ripened on the new plants.

Space is an issue like always, so we need to find places for cucumbers, squash and beans.  I'd love to plant some broom corn for fun, but I need to find a spot for it -- maybe it is time for the garlic to clear out a space!  

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