Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Fitting Close to a Great Conference

The last day of this year's ABANA Conference was full of the conflicting emotions being together with old friends, and getting ready to leave those same friends, will bring to the surface.  Some sadness, much more happiness as the past four days are reviewed.
Following a great dinner which included buffalo and a spread of desserts aimed directly at the waist (few cared as they filled their plates) and just before the auction a passing thunderstorm left a glowing rainbow arching across the fairgrounds.  It was a fitting end to the gathering and a promise of more good things to come.

Rob Fertner signed his winning poster entry, which later was a highlight of early auction action.

The Patient Order of Meticulous Metalsmiths finished their Skandanavian door.

Jim Garrison picked the first winning ticket in the Iron-In-The-Hat drawing.  All three winners not being in attendance, President Peyton Anderson called them in Texas, Pennsylvania and Rapid City respectively.  
Arrangements for delivery were quickly made.

Four full days of massive collective effort produced the beautiful sculpture which Claudio Bottero designed and directed.  It was the center of attention in the dinning hall.

Look for more details on this incredible conference in the upcoming issues of the ABANA Magazine, the Anvil's Ring.

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