Thursday, July 19, 2012

Forges, iron and conference all heat up today and the ABANA Conference

There were lines at the registration desk most of today as a majority of the expected 800 attendees arrived through the day.  Demonstrators set out their equipment and tools.  Many began forging and instructing soon after the opening ceremonies were over.

Highlighting the opening ceremonies were the presentations of the Alex Bealer Award, two were given, and the Joe Humble award.  Daryl Nelson and Toby Hickman were honored by the ABANA membership for their years of contribution to blacksmithing.  Each a Bealer Award recipient.   Chris Holt was the Joe Humble winner.

A stunning table of beautifully crafted copper and silver vessels greats you in the Northwest corner of the grounds where the Abdon Punzo family is demonstrating their mastry of metal work.

At the exact opposite corner of the fairgrounds the furnace for making an iron bloom was in its first firing stages, being readied to make it's first smelt Thursday about mid-day.

Nearby Jill Turman has begun an art project which looks very much like a large wall decoration, though we didn't ask her about specifics.  You can see for yourself if you visit her demo area between one and four Thursday.
And finally, Claudio Bottero and his large team have embarked on a huge piece which they will be forging all of the day Thursday. 

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