Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Photo Nature Walk with the Kids

My youngest son does not enjoy hiking.  However, if you give him a camera of his own for the walk, it turns the dreaded hike into a fun-filled photo safari.  It's amazing how the energy changes!  I've discovered that basic point-and-shoot digital cameras are great for kids.  We've only lost one over the years to being dropped into a swamp -- that's well worth the fun of discovery for the kids and the pride they have in taking their own photographs.

I once tried to turn the photo walk into more of a directed activity, thinking it'd be fun to take photos for each letter of the alphabet.  I still think that'd be fun, but it immediately became obvious that the boys just wanted the freedom to explore and take pictures of what attracted their attention.   I can relate, so I stopped micro-managing the fun.  Plus, it's great to see what interests the kids! There is always something to learn when I see through their eyes.

These are some of my snapshots from the time we spent together.  It's pretty much a given that they always find a snake or two!

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