Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Fun Continues in Rapid City

Lee Gunderson, from Buffalo, Wyoming, summed up the value of the teaching tent when he said, "You can watch all you want, it's getting hands-on experience that teaches best."  He was taking a class from Mark Aspery in chisel making .  

Earlier in the day Gerald Boggs had his class turning out workable wizard head bottle openers.

Another bloom was cooking Friday at the iron smelting demonstration.  Lee Sauder had made a sculpture from the first bloom.

Claudio Bottero's team is in the final stages of forging his giant sculpture.  Ribs were being fitted this afternoon.

Rod Lange pointed out the titanium nail on the nail tree while he helped pound in son Scott's large and fancy nail.  The tree is near the fine arts center, which houses this convention's gallery.

It was another great day in Rapid City!

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