Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Demo at Claude Moore's July Market Fair

Jeff arrived home around midnight from the ABANA conference on Friday and we were up bright and early Saturday morning for the July Market Fair at Claude Moore Colonial Farm.  It's a regular event that we demo at three times a year, and it's always a pleasure....even when we headed off down the road and realized that it was raining and that we'd been so busy we hadn't had time to even unpack the tent that had arrived earlier in the week. 

So, Market Fair weekend started off wet and chilly and rather on the quiet side.  However, we did have a fire -- that's one of the perks of being a blacksmith.  And, hot coffee to start off the day! And, since it was a bit slow at times during the fair, we were able to let the children forge a little, which made them super happy.   There's always a bright side, isn't there? 

Sunday's weather was much improved and the fair was busier.   Jeff focused on colonial nails as his demo piece this past weekend because it's a good way to tell colonial history & show folks a finished piece within a few minutes.  He also made a child-sized backscratcher for our youngest son, which was rather cute (and entertaining as various kids enjoyed trying it out). 


We saw some old friends and made new ones -- we love to get out and show the art of blacksmithing, teach some history, and most importantly, connect with a lot of wonderful people.  Thanks for another great event!

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