Monday, July 16, 2012

ABANA 2012 Conference Demonstrators (Rapid City, SD)

2012 Conference Demonstrators
International Demonstrators:
Claudio Bottero - Blacksmith – Italy
Claudio Bottero will be working by hand and power hammer with a team of blacksmiths to create a large sculpture.
Some examples of Claudio's Work
Claudio Booterro Boterro Gate  Boterro Gate Back  
Håvard Bergland - Blacksmith / Knifemaker – Norway
Håvard Bergland will make a true Viking Axe. Håvard's book, that has been translated into English, will be for sale.
Some examples of Håvard's Work
Claudio Booterro Boterro Gate
Becky Little - Nova Scotia, Canada      Website: Dragonfly Forge
Becky Little will create a coat rack with her whimsical style. I cannot wait to see what else she has prepared for us!

Becky Little Forging Becky Little Forging Becky Little Candle Holder Shoe hat rack

Punzo Family Copper Smiths:

6 members of the Punzo/Angel Family from Mexico : Abdon Sr, Carlos, Abdon Jr, Felipe, Marcos
Coppersmiths will take scrap copper and turn it into beautiful copper vessels. All work is done by hand with very few tools.

Knife Makers:

Ed Caffrey, ABS Master - MT      Website: "The Montana Bladesmith"
 Caffery Forging Caffrey Finishing

Ed Fowler, ABS Master - WY      Website: Ed Fowler High Performance Knives
Ed Fowler Knife Test Fowler Knife

Kirk Rexroat, ABS Master -WY      Website: Rexroat Knives
  RexRoat Knife 1 Rexroat Knife 2

Knife Makers will demo:
Making and patterning a damascus billet,
Making Mokume Gane ( Copper, Brass, Nickel Silver )
They will also be demonstrating other interesting and exciting variations of knives.

Artistic Smithing:

Jill Turman - CA      Website: Bella Ironworks
Jill Turman Jill Turman 2 TurmanGate

      Becky Little - Nova Scotia, CANADA      Website: Dragonfly Forge   See photps of Becky and some of her Ironwork above Under International Demonstrators
Traditional / Sculptural:

      Brian Brazeal - MS      Website:
      Lyle Wynn (Brian's helper) - MS
Brian Brazeal and his assistant Lyle Wynn will do some hard hitting to make hammers and tooling.

Iron Smelt:

      Lee Sauder - VA
      Steve Mankowski - VA
      Shel Browder - VA
The Smelt Team will be building a furnace on site. The first smelt will be on Thursday along with a talk about theory on site. Friday will be the second smelt. The first bloom will be transformed in to sculptural piece; the second one will be made into steel and forged into an axe. Two smelts will give everyone a chance to see the process.
Patient Order of Meticulous Metalsmiths:

Tom Latane Pete Renzetti Mike MaCarty Tina Chisena Carl Close
         Tom Latane - WI               Pete Renzetti - DE           Michael McCarty - NY         Tina Chisena - MD                Carl Close Jr - MA
The Patient Order of Meticulous Metalsmiths will be making a Scandinavian style door with hardware. They will be available to answer questions as they work

Teaching Station
Mark Aspery - CA
Darryl Nelson - WA
Gerald Boggs - VA

They will have the teaching station well staffed. The guys will be instructing the National Curriculum along with other projects.

Hammer Making Class
Nathan Robertson -
Nathan Robertson will be hosting a hammer making class, each participant will take home a hammer. There is an additional fee for this class.

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